ArcBruTile 1.0.2 release

ArcBruTil 1.0.2 is just released, with a fix for add layers like strava and  apple maps

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Unfortunately, Strava introduced a kind of restriction in order to see the heatmap in large scale. Now you must be logged in as a Strava-user (the image below is copied from

Du you have a solution? How can ArcBruTile handle it?

Hi, yes I've seen it :-( All tile levels beyond 12 (so the more detailed levels) needs now authentication, the rest still works.

In order to fix this, authentication stuff needs to be added. I'll start working on this soon. 

Are you working on it?

well there is lots of discussion going on (also with Strava) as more tools are impacted.  Implementing the new authentication stuff is virtually impossible. Thinking about rolling back the old heatmap functionality if the situation doesn't change.

That's bad news. I really hope there will be a solution. Using the old heatmap is a minimum solution. This heatmap has status from 2015 and nobody knows how long  it will be supported by Strava.

Look at this:

Perhaps you can get an idea? I have tried it and it works in several apps on my mobile phone.

thanks for the pointer, very ugly cookie hack this is :-( I'll think about some alternative method