ArcBruTile 3.0.2

ArcBruTile 3.0.2 update: changes for supporting multiple ArcMap versions 10.2 - 10.6 


ArcBruTile_3.0.2 43 kB
Apr 27, 2019

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Google earth always crashes

Hi Bert! I'm trying to purchase the arcbrutile, and I wonder since the program is working based on the URL, it probably showing any updates from what I use for mapping program? I have never used arcbrutile before, so I want it to be sure. I would mostly use NAVER or Vworld (the korean ones). :)

Hi, NAVER/Vworld are not supported right now (due to projection issues), maybe something is possible using the 'Add XYZ' option.

In general all the maps are fetched from original source (using HTTP url), so any map updates will show up automagically.