ArcBruTile 3.3

Release ArcBruTile 3.3, adding

  • Bing Maps (Aerial, Aerial with labels, Roads, Terrain)
  • Esri maps (Dark, Hillshade, Imagery, Light, Ocean, Physical, Shaded relief, Streets, Terrain, Topo)


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Nov 29, 2019

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Hi Bert,

using this plugin version can I add a my local TMS cache stored in my local drive?

I would like add images using path like file:///G://myimages//cache//{z}//{y}//{x}.jpg

Is it possible?

Thank you in advance


Hi Giuseppe, yes this is possible if you put the tileset on a (local) webserver (for example and use the ‘Load map from xyz url’ button. One caveat: this tool only supports XYZ tileset directly and not TMS anymore, so the y-axis might be switched. See for more info about this.

Hi Bert,

I red your link. My tiles are google tile style so they are XYZ tileset. Are you sure that I need a webserver?  

I have my cache in local so I can access directly bypass webserver using url like file:///G://myimages//cache//{z}//{y}//{x}.jpg 

I tested this kind of url within qGIS (qGIS--> XYZ Tiles) and the cache work fine..

Do you have tested it on ArcBluTile?

In any case is caddyserver available for windows?

Thank you

Giuseppe P.

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Hi Giuseppe, ok then its not a TMS but a Google style XYZ tileset. In ArcBruTile the tiles are retrieved using HTTP protocol, so a webserver is required. Caddyserver works also on windows yes.

Hi Bert,

I have installed Caddyserver for windows. Could you give me an example (or a link) of how I have to configure it to pubblish my local cache?

if you have caddy 1.x installed, its just going to a directory and start caddy from commandline ($ caddy). A webserver on port 2015 will start, in a browser go to http://localhost:2015/ to retrieve files from that directory. I believe in Caddy 2.0 its changed a bit.