ArcBruTile 3.0 released

New in ArcBruTile 3.0:

- ArcMap Add-in architecture (esriAddIn) instead of setup;

- New UI: One dropdown menu containing tile providers.


ArcBruTile 3.0 65 kB
Feb 18, 2019

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Which versions of ArcGIS are supported by ABT3.0? ArcMap 10.4 crashes immediately when interacting with the toolbar. It would be fine if I could use ABT3.0 in AG10.4.

It's build for 10.5, shall take a look what happens in 10.4

I've uploaded a new version of ArcBruTile 3.0.2. Can you give it a try? 

Thank you. Now it works but the performance is not good when visualising the Strava heatmaps on detailed levels in other coordinate system than web_mercator. That was the strength of ArcBruTiles in earlier versions.

ok good it works now. In version 3 ArcBruTile is rewritten to the add-in plugin model, using more standard functionality and less custom made. Kinda forced by limited possibilities in recent ArcMap releases. It has some pro's and cons. Unfortunately had to leave the nice reprojection code behind. :-(