ArcBruTile 0.9.1

Small update to ArcBruTile 0.9.1 for Strava maps:

- Add Strava combined running and cycling map;

- Fix issue Strava map disappears when zooming in to level 18 

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Oct 27, 2017

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Strava updated newly their global heatmap including data from 2017.

Arcbrutile doesn’t show the newest data using the Strava-dropdown-menu. Is it possible to fix it?

Strava global heatmap now include more activities such as ‘water’ and ‘winter’. It would be very useful if Arcbrutile could be updated with these activities.

As I can see in the ‘Add TMS services’-dialog Strava provides a service called ‘strava-ride’. This service actually shows the newest/updated heatmap (cycling), but it doesn’t support coordinate system transformation (supports only Web Mercator – epsg 3857).

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yes working on it, will be in next release :-)


you can checkout release 1.0 including the new Strava heatmaps

Very nice, but there are 2 issues:
1) The serious one: When using another coordinate system than Web Mercator (epsg 3857) the background isn't transparent. So, it is not possible to show the heatmap together with other data. 
2) It seems that color red is the same as color hot.

ok thanks I'll look into these (first one needs more investigation, second one is just a typo)

fyi: both are fixed in 1.0.1

Works perfectly! I'm impressed with your service!