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ArcGIS Pro Add-In for adding 100+ worldwide vector or image basemaps.

Testimonial: 'great add in, should become standard in ArcGIS Pro'. 

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- ArcBruTile for ArcMap: https://bertt.itch.io/arcbrutile

Available maps: Bing, Carto, Esri, Gaode, Geoq, GSI, Here (*), IsHowChina, Kosmosnimki, MapBox (*), MapTiler (*), Maxar (*), Michelin, Naver, OpenMapTiles, OpenSeaMap, Stamen, Strava, Tencent, Thunderforest (*),  TomTom (*), Waze, Yandex. 

(*): api key required

ArcBruTile supports both raster and vector tile services. Sample of global vector tile services:

Specify account key:

With the 'Load map from xyz url' or 'Load  map from MapBox Vector Tile url' functions it's possible to access your own custom (vector)tileservers.


Version 2.4.1: (2021-03-29): Add backward version support 

Version 2.4 (2021-03-18):

- Added 10 Mapy.cz maps (aerial, aerial-2018, aerial-2015,aerial-2012, aerial-2006, aerial-2003,  Basic, Haptic, Outdoor, Winter)

- Added MapTiler local maps (Czech, Switzerland, France, Japan, Netherlands, UK)

- Added 3 Thunderforest maps (mobile-atlas, atlas, neighbourhood)

- Added 3 Here maps (transit, streets, hybrid)

- Added Api Keys support for TomTom, Thunderforest

Version 2.3: 

- Added OpenStreetMap GPS Traces, RailwayMap, OpenCycleMap

- Added Maxar/DigitalGlobe aerial map (connectId required)

- Added Here Maps Basemap, Traffic, Terrain, Satellite (apiKey required)

- Added MapBox maps (apikey required)

- Removed: Tianditu, Mango, Wikimedia

Version 2.2 adds 5 vector tile maps (National Geographic, OpenStreetMap, Hybrid Reference Layer, Dark/Light canvas). 

Version 2.1 adds 21 global and local (uk, nl, japan) maps from MapTiler. To use these services a key is required. Get your free key  at  https://www.maptiler.com . 

Version 2.0 adds support for MapBox Vector Tile services (experimental).

Version 1.3 adds  load map from xyz url.  Strava tip: For detailed Strava heatmaps, consider to use https://anygis.ru/api/v1/Tracks_Strava_All/{x}/{y}/{z}

AuthorBert Temme


Buy Now25.00€ EUR or more

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